Design of A Mobile Health Clinic

A mobile clinic allows the health provider or health business to deliver its services from multiple locations. Simply put, you go


Computer Upgrades In Healthcare

The health industry is continuing to grow with massive investments in technology and related processes to meet today’s industry needs for


Become A Cloud Based Healthcare Business

I work for a company that delivers cloud solutions to health businesses so as you can imagine, my answer towards

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Choose The Right IT Provider

Contracting an IT vendor to help maintain your business IT environments can be one of the best business decisions you could

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Data Backup In Healthcare

Do you know if your current business backups work? Do you know how to recover the data and how quickly you

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)

BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is a common practice within the workplace. BYOD essentially means that the staff member

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Avoid Clinical Data Loss

Have you checked your clinical data backups in the last four weeks? Do you have a signed document from your

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Become More Efficient As a Business & Clinic

Data collection on staff activity allows managers and leaders to determine how their team is spending their time and which activities

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Skype In Healthcare

Introducing online networking into a workplace has definitely been one of the biggest trends in businesses this year. More and more

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