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Suitable for clinics of all types, Best Practice is one of the more popular practice management solutions in Australia and our team at REND Tech Associates are eager to assist Best Practice users in taking the software to the next level.

Whether you have an IT infrastructure in place or are considering upgrading equipment, moving Blue Chip to the cloud will reduce frustrations, costs and process issues while at the same time increasing efficiency and allowing more time to be spent on patient care. Hundreds of our Australian customers have already provided positive feedback on the benefits of using our proprietary Cloud for Health platform.

Why not contact us to discuss in detail, after reviewing the questions and related answers below?

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Why Best Practice on the cloud?

Best Practice on Cloud for Health removes the need to purchase, setup and maintain an expensive in-house server. The benefits of Best Practice on the cloud include reliability; access from anywhere, cost reduction and, most importantly, an enhancement of the user experience.

Health professionals who access Best Practice on the cloud enjoy a reliable, secure and user-friendly experience. Without the need to install software on your computer, you can access your patient data from any internet-ready device with absolute security.

How does it work?

We own our own data centres and have created a complex IT environment that includes a variety of software platforms and enhance security policies. Health businesses can access their clinical applications using our proprietary cloud platform, which we call Cloud for Health.

It could not be easier for the end-user, is all they need to do is open any internet browser, log into our secure portal and from there they can easily access Best Practice to view or modify clinical or patient data.

What About The User Experience?

Clients that use Cloud for Health benefit from high speed, reliability and enhanced security. Best Practice behaves exactly as expected and the user experience is identical to that provided by on-site networks.

What are the costs?

With cloud computing subscriptions you pay for what you use and without the IT costs traditionally associated with on-site networks, whether it is servers, maintenance, upgrades or salaried staff.

What about Backups & Security?

Patient and clinical data is the core of any healthcare practice and we actively protect and backup your data to prevent loss or destruction. As we own multiple servers, we provide redundant backups in several locations to ensure that even in the event of a natural disaster at one of our data centres, your service remains uninterrupted.

Daily backups are part of our normal process and each backup is retained for a month before deletion. In addition, our policies and procedures are fully compliant with multiple industry standards in the areas of security, data storage and healthcare.

What’s Next?

Best Practice On Cloud For Health FAQ

We designed Cloud for Health as a cloud computing platform that will benefit clinics and practices all over Australia, allowing them to work while on the move and the improving efficiency with high-speed connections and reliable service. We believe it is much more cost efficient than investing in a local IT network, given the expense these are to maintain and upgrade.

By using our service, any health business will dramatically reduce their costs, futureproof their practice and eliminate the headaches associated with a complex IT setup.

We own several data centres and your data is fully managed by our expert team. We are fully compliant with Australian privacy laws as all our servers are located in Australia and we are certified to store sensitive medical data. Utilising only the best in hardware and software security, we protect and backup your data to ensure your practice is always online.
Given that we have several data centres and each one is capable of running thousands of individual websites, there is no reason Best Practice will not work in the traditional manner.

In fact, if you take Genie as an example in benchmarking we found that it performed faster overall than on a traditional network. In other words, given the scalability available, practically unlimited resources are available to ensure all of our clients receive the best possible service.

Data backup and security is our number one priority. We backup your entire platform (Clinical, documents and emails) every night and give you the option of restoring data for up to 30 days after each backup is made.
Most of us are familiar with how cloud services work(Gmail or Dropbox, for example) and Cloud for Health is no different when it comes to complexity. Simply use an internet browser to connect to your secure portal. Multifactor authentication and other security procedures ensure that your clinical data remain safe at all times.
Incorporating only the best in hardware and software security, our data centres are all Australia- based, fully compliant with national privacy laws and regulations governing the storage of sensitive clinical and patient information.
The Cloud for Health platform does not require users to have a complex local network or indeed have an on-site IT support team. It can be completely hosted in the cloud, the cheapest option, boss we can also support an on-site set up with cloud options if preferred. Our cutting-edge data centres allow almost infinite scalability on demand and performance, speed and reliability cannot be equaled by local networks, given the redundancy options available when it comes to data backup, security and disaster recovery..

It is much cheaper to select a cloud-only solution as this eliminates the costs associated with local network servers and the headaches often caused maintaining and upgrading this equipment. It is so much easier for medical professionals to allow cloud service providers worry about all of these issues when maintaining the data centres. If you need an upgrade to our cloud service, whether it is additional users, storage or features, changes are implemented in minutes. Compare that scenario with the difficulties and costs in upgrading local networks and equipment. Users of Cloud for Health never have to worry about purchasing additional hardware.

We are fortunate to have an expert team of system architects, developers, support staff and solution designers, all of whom are based in Australia and have demonstrated experience with clinical applications and cloud security. Our entire team is dedicated to ensuring that all of our clients receive excellent service as we fully understand that healthcare professionals throughout Australia depend on us for uninterrupted access to their clinical applications.
We have a fully defined exit clause as part of our terms and conditions. If you feel you need to cease using our Cloud for Health platform, simply confirm this by email and request a backup of all of your data. All we require is a notice period of two weeks and the physical address necessary to deliver the entire backup.