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Day surgeries & private hospitals are a different beast all together. The pressure of ensuring the computers in the theatre rooms are always working breaks people. The stress of worrying whether a doctor’s personal computer is carrying a virus and can impact your network is a real risk. We know about the operational challenges as well in terms of software, medical hardware, operating hours and so forth. Find out how we solved all of these points with our clients.

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Secure Your Hospital

There’s more than firewalls and passwords. We need to get your doctors working on seperate networks away from your backups and critical data. This is just 1 of many strategies we need to address.


Make Your Doctors Happy

Back to point 1, we want your doctors operational and able to connect to their private clinical data securely and with ease. When operating from inside the theatre room or consulting within the hospital, we want them operational and working.


Centralise Your Tech

One of the biggest risks within the hospital setting is the “shadow IT” & decentralised technology design. What this simply means is that hospitals need to be able to quickly and securely make changes to their IT or scale it up when needed. This reduces cost and downtime.


Control The Costs

Technology costs spiral out of control 9/10 times when there isn’t a set strategy to manage and control the existing infrastructure. At REND, we review, document and plan for both scale and upgrades so you know what you are paying way in advance before it happens.


Address The Risks

It’s a given right? You see a risk, you document it, address it and monitor. This does not happen very often and the biggest business impact occurs from within the hospital space. To help, we conduct a thorough risk assessment and put forward the suitable strategies to mitigate those risks.


Find Your Zen

Finally, this is for you. The hospital operator, the CEO, the executive, the manager and the one who can’t switch off. We are sorry to say we can’t help you with HR, Finance or legals. Those will keep you up. We can however work diligently ensuring that your hospital’s IT is maintained and supported. We’ll leave the rest to you.

IT Managed Servics

Australian service desk providing both onsite and remote technology support services & 24×7 monitoring.

Unified Communications

Industry leading VOIP & telephony solutions ensuring that our hospitals are connected & operational.

Cloud & Hosting

Secure hosting solutions by world class vendors providing enterprise security, compliance & cost control.

Printing Services

Tailored printing solutions for the small day surgery or large private hospital. Never wait for a print out again.

Cyber Security On Demand

For those that don’t want an in house cyber security expert. Software, hardware and experts on demand to protect you.

Backup Solutions

Complex or simple backup solutions including cloud backup, data replication & onsite DR. All the geeky stuff.

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  • August 01, 2019,
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Chris Kourt - CEO


We have contracted Rend Tech to be our IT partner for over 12 months now. Being a stand-alone day hospital, it’s so important to have a reliable IT resource that you can trust.

Coming from the previous provider who was a 1 person contractor, in choosing Rend Tech we wanted to be sure we chose the right support partner who understood our business and IT needs in the medical industry.

The Rend team are knowledgeable, have the required industry experience and more importantly respond to our calls in a timely manner.

We are very happy having chosen Rend Tech and can highly recommend their service to others.

The team at REND are always happy to come to the table to discuss strategy and ongoing improvements. We are back to focusing on running a hospital and not being the in-house IT team.

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