Data Science
In Healthcare

Use data science tools & predictive analytics to make better business and healthcare service delivery decisions.


Smart Dashboards, Reports & Algorithms

Our in-house data scientists specialise in creating custom algorithms and dashboards that give healthcare executives an eagle eye view of their business and clinical data. Some of those reports include average length of stay in a day hospital or which clinic is the most efficient in terms of billing and patient experience.


Tools To Take Your Business Into The Future

With data science and analytics being one of the core technology pillars in healthcare, most healthcare entrepreneurs are looking into innovative tools to provide a better and more efficient healthcare service. Speak to us about IoT, predictive algorithms and deep learning.


Utilise Big Data Tools

Migrate your data lakes and instances from standard databases to big data tools such as MongoDB, Apache Spark and other distributed computing tools. Move to the next step by using AWS or SPSS Machine Learning tools to tap into the world of data science.

The Future of Healthcare

Where Data Science
Meets Healthcare

  • Use predictive algorithm to see the future growth of your clinic and patient cohort
  • Access smart dashboards to give you accurate, comprehensive and relevant new knowledge of your business
  • Predict your clinic’s revenue based on future appointments and historical data
  • Find out who are your best performing doctors and staff
  • Reduce clinician and staff fatigue by better understanding the stages of work and patient load on the business
  • Identify clinical opportunities by reviewing your practice database from an eagle eye view

The Future of Healthcare Is In Your Data

New innovations in data science and artificial intelligence means that doctors and healthcare administrators can now make more decisions with much less effort or risk. This is how healthcare will both improve the patient outcomes and clinicians well being.

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Interactive Financial Dashboards

Understand your business’s financial performance in real time by accessing financial reports & dashboards from your clinical and accounting software.


See Your Clinical Data Differently

It’s nice to know how many active patients you have in your database but how many of those visit you repeatedly and how many of those are improving?


Custom Reports & Algorithms

For the healthcare enterprise that wants custom reports and dashboards built specifically for them from different data sources. It’s called data engineering.


Machine Learning In Healthcare

Machine learning has great potential for clinical development and healthcare, ranging from discovery of trends to predictive diagnosis to decision making.


Show Business Progress

If you are a business consultant or a strategic accountant who loves seeing their clients grow their business then find out how we can help you demonstrate your results.


For The Researchers & Innovators

Speak to us about implementing K-anonymity strategies to access and share data with other stakeholders without sharing any private or personal information.

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Multisite Specialist Clinic

“Our company is very pleased with the way REND Tech conducts themselves in a dedicated and professional manner.  They were brought on board just prior to construction of new hospital and a major IT overhaul.  This was a huge project and we had constant support throughout, allowing us to reach the standard we had envisioned.  Their support staff continue to impress, with an efficient and expedient response to any issues that arise.   We have no hesitation in recommending REND Tech to any business requiring superior IT service.”

A Smith - CEO

Secure Hosting Solution

“Our business needed a quick, affordable and secure solution that wouldn’t involve the high overhead figures and time involved in setting up a secure in-house server and network. I was so excited to find out that this was exactly what REND could offer us.

Whist taking this step seemed overwhelming at first, it has been relatively simple and is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Since we’ve implemented the cloud, Rob and his support team have been extremely helpful in ensuring that we have all the assistance we need, going above and beyond what I had expected. It’s like we now have a full-time IT staff member on call but for a fraction of the cost”

L Kress - Business Manager

World Class Clinic

“We wanted to implement a technology platform which would support our large and demanding medical centre whilst at the same time, ensure that all of our subtenants had the opportunity to use the same infrastructure if needed.

REND Tech Associates were able to work with our executive & operational team to design & implement a technology ecosystem which would be able to support our business goals and clinical requirements in the short and long term.

We knew our deadlines were difficult to meet and the budget allocated was challenging. I am pleased to say that the project was delivered both on time and within budget.

I would highly recommend all healthcare enterprises who are looking to expand and standardise their technology platforms to get in touch with REND Tech Associates”

C Adams - CEO

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