Medical Director On The Cloud

A fully managed, always protected and scalable hosting platform for Medical Director & Pracsoft


Medical Director on The Cloud

MedicalDirector PracSoft on our Cloud for Health platform eliminates any requirement to purchase, set up and maintain your own servers. The benefits of MedicalDirector on the cloud include increased reliability; convenient remote access from any internet-enabled device, reduce costs and, most importantly, a better user experience.
Health professionals who access Medical Director PracSoft on the cloud enjoy a reliable, secure and user-friendly experience.


Backups & Security

This is one of the main reasons that health companies are moving to the Cloud for Health as redundancy features for backups and multifactor authentication to verify users are easy to implement, requiring little in the way of IT expertise. Essential data is backed up on a daily basis and is currently stored for an entire month before being automatically deleted. We take security seriously and our platform includes enterprise grade routers, authentication policies, firewalls and more.Daily backups are part of our normal process and each backup is retained for a month before deletion.
In addition, our policies and procedures are fully compliant with multiple industry standards in the areas of security, data storage and patient privacy standards.


Medical Director Support

Cloud for Health is entirely managed and maintained by REND Tech Associates and its infrastructure partners. We employ experts in their field, whether architects, solution designers or after-hours support staff to ensure your health business receives the service necessary to enhance patient care.
All staff and enterprise contractors are based in Australia and have specific expertise in working with clinical environments.


What You Get With
Hosted Medical Director

As one of the most popular practice management solutions in Australia, regardless of clinical practice size, MedicalDirector PracSoft is well known in the healthcare industry and often selected to increase efficiency and spend more time with patients rather than on administration tasks.

It is now possible to increase efficiency even more, by combining all the features of MedicalDirector with convenient cloud access, thanks to our proprietary Cloud for Health platform. Hundreds of Australian health professionals have already reduced their costs, process issues and reliance on outdated technologies by harnessing the latest in cloud solutions that are aimed specifically at the healthcare market.

Some of the key benefits of hosted Medical Director include automated backups, zero server capital costs, enterprise security and an all inclusive support solution that covers technology, security, software and hardware support.

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World Class Platform

Hosted in Equinix data centres using OS33 which is considered to be the world’s leading virtual desktop platform. We implement a redundant dual data centre architecture to mitigate any potential risks to your clinic.


Australian Hosting & Support

The data centres we use are located in both Sydney and Melbourne hence ensuring your compliance with the data privacy requirements. All of our engineers are based in our Sydney offices ensuring you get local & efficient support.


Enterprise Backups

Your data is backed up every night across multiple locations in Australia ensuring that should you ever need your data, we can restore it for you quickly and easily.


Government Grade Security

Used by a number of government and not for profit organisations, Cloud for Health meets the most extensive security requirements including identity management controls & complex firewall technologies.


Comprehensive Support

We mean it. When your clinic needs to be operational, we don’t bring out the technicalities of what is in or out of scope. If it’s on Cloud for Health then we support it. Simple!


Scalable Platform

One of the key benefits of cloud technologies is scalability. Our clients are able to add more users, CPU power or servers as their business grows with ease and at a fraction of the cost.

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Secure Hosting Solution

“Our business needed a quick, affordable and secure solution that wouldn’t involve the high overhead figures and time involved in setting up a secure in-house server and network. I was so excited to find out that this was exactly what REND could offer us.

Whist taking this step seemed overwhelming at first, it has been relatively simple and is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Since we’ve implemented the cloud, Rob and his support team have been extremely helpful in ensuring that we have all the assistance we need, going above and beyond what I had expected. It’s like we now have a full-time IT staff member on call but for a fraction of the cost”

L Kress - Business Manager

World Class Clinic

“We wanted to implement a technology platform which would support our large and demanding medical centre whilst at the same time, ensure that all of our subtenants had the opportunity to use the same infrastructure if needed.

REND Tech Associates were able to work with our executive & operational team to design & implement a technology ecosystem which would be able to support our business goals and clinical requirements in the short and long term.

We knew our deadlines were difficult to meet and the budget allocated was challenging. I am pleased to say that the project was delivered both on time and within budget.

I would highly recommend all healthcare enterprises who are looking to expand and standardise their technology platforms to get in touch with REND Tech Associates”

C Adams - CEO

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