Cloud For Health

Remote Desktop is so 2005. World class security, industry leading performance, enterprise hosting solution.


Fast, Reliable & Easy To Use

Using the latest virtualisation technologies, Cloud for Health delivers speed, performance and a completely new way of working on the cloud. Healthcare users can log in from anywhere, at anytime, using any device knowing they are secure, protected and supported.


All Your Clinical Apps In One Place

Whether it’s a single clinic using 1 clinical application or a large organisation requiring a complex server farm, Cloud for Health delivers the ability scale up and centralise all of your software products from the one portal. CTOs & CIOs can easily deploy organisational policies throughout the cluster with a few simple clicks. Geeky but important.


It's Secure. Very Secure.

Did we mention it’s secure? Try this, Shield applications, data and devices against human and automated security threats with built-in features like multi-factor authentication, identity management and enterprise-grade security appliances.


What You Get With
Cloud for Health

Cloud for Health allows health practitioners to access their clinical software systems without the need to invest in expensive servers and associated IT infrastructure.

Our new technology means that business owners will not need to keep reinvesting in expensive hardware upgrades or in expensive IT support.

Cloud for Health is a highly secure platform that is implemented with the strictest standards in security, privacy and redundancy. In simple terms, your clinical data is secure and is always available for use.

Applications on Cloud for Health include: Medical Director, Pracsoft, Bluechip, Best Practice, Genie, eClaims, MEDTECH, RX, Oz Docs Online, Doctors Control Panel, Front Desk, Shexie, ZEDMED, Healthtrack, Practix, TYRO Payments, PCEHR, HICAPS.

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Remote Desktop is so 2005, check this out!

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Peace of Mind

Configure and manage user password attributes, capabilities and limitations. Control log in access, privacy levels, required password resets and even each user’s permission to reset their own password—all set up and managed quickly.


Stay In Control

Have increased performance, you simply rent the computing power that your organisation is in need of, that gives you the control you desire while lowering your capital expenditure.


Be Impressed

Access your clinical data quickly and reliably. Cloud for Health delivers fast performance and a great user experience.


No Servers, Backups or Risks

Yep, no more swapping backups or praying that your server is secure. Cloud for Health mitigates those risks ensuring that you can focus on your clinic.


Migrate With Ease

We have over 200 clinical migrations under our belt. Migrating clinical software to Cloud for Health is implemented with efficiency & reliability.


Flexible Contracts

Cloud for Health clients can choose to sign up on month by month clients or set term contracts. We offer flexibility to meet any business case and budget.

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Multisite Specialist Clinic

“Our company is very pleased with the way REND Tech conducts themselves in a dedicated and professional manner.  They were brought on board just prior to construction of new hospital and a major IT overhaul.  This was a huge project and we had constant support throughout, allowing us to reach the standard we had envisioned.  Their support staff continue to impress, with an efficient and expedient response to any issues that arise.   We have no hesitation in recommending REND Tech to any business requiring superior IT service.”

A Smith - CEO

Secure Hosting Solution

“Our business needed a quick, affordable and secure solution that wouldn’t involve the high overhead figures and time involved in setting up a secure in-house server and network. I was so excited to find out that this was exactly what REND could offer us.

Whist taking this step seemed overwhelming at first, it has been relatively simple and is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Since we’ve implemented the cloud, Rob and his support team have been extremely helpful in ensuring that we have all the assistance we need, going above and beyond what I had expected. It’s like we now have a full-time IT staff member on call but for a fraction of the cost”

L Kress - Business Manager

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