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We’ve helped over 500 health professionals by providing them with technologies that are reliable, cost effective, secure and most importantly, perfect for their business needs.

Clinical Applications On The Cloud

Cloud for Health is a platform that benefits health businessesby enabling them to use their clinical applications from anywhere, all without expensive servers and costly upgrades.

IT Managed Services & Support

Our engineering team supports health businesses by maintaining their server, network and clinical ecosystems. We’ll take on the technology responsibility and free up your time.

New Clinic Technology Implementation

Most clinicians are not sure what type of technology solution is ideal for their business. We’ve helped more than 50 new clinics implement and enjoy affordable, reliable and fast network systems.

eHealth Technology Project Delivery

Whether it’s relocation to a new building or an entire overhaul of the current technology systems, our team of project managers are able to deliver the project successfully and on time.

eClinic Manager – Practice In A Box

eClinic Manager is a tool that enables health business managers reduce user errors, administration costs and staff downtime by providing structured business processes in a common platform.

Hardware & Software Procurement

We’ve teamed up with Australia’s largest technology suppliers to ensure that our clients have access to incredible products at wholesale prices. You’ll be delighted by our pricing and extended warranties.

Strategic Partnerships & Business Opportunities

If you deliver a solution or a product that can positively impact the Australian healthcare sector and would like to partner with us, then please get in touch. Checkout our partners page to find out more.

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REND Tech Cloud For Health

Online health care applications have grown tremendously in the past ten years, offering clinics and hospitals, both large and small, a cost-effective way to store and manage their patients’ vital health data. The market maturation of computing services have driven this growth, ensuring that cloud-based platforms are secure and safe, while at the same time, provide a convenient alternative to the costs and associated risks of managing an in-house data system.
For us at REND Tech Associates, our healthcare cloud computing solution is as much about the technology as it about the personal service and prompt attention we give our customers. Our team of highly experienced network technicians and software developers are passionate about their work, and are committed to developing and installing a system which meets your needs and improves your overall data management performance, and at a cost which is highly competitive to market alternatives.

While these factors are all important to delivering high quality and affordable health care, many of our clients have chosen us due to our personalized approach in developing health data systems that make financial and operational sense for the long run, while ensuring they stay at the leading edge of patient data management. We look forward to working with you, and in speaking with you regarding cloud-based health care solutions.

Healthcare And Cloud Computing

We have provided medical IT support and data management solutions for both small clinics as well as large hospitals, and all types of organisations in between. Our healthcare technology solutions utilise a Blue Chip, cloud-based network architecture, while combining the amazing power of our back-end servers and systems with your front-end user requirements, offering you a level of computing performance, security, and capability that would otherwise be available only to large companies.
Healthcare IT services are trending more and more toward cloud computing, and early adopters have already experienced several key benefits to using this type of service. Healthcare businesses have leveraged against their technologies to quickly scale up their business and grow into more clinics as well as attract more health professionals.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Healthcare organisations will discover the following advantages of cloud computing:
Reducing capex: by using cloud computing for healthcare, you can greatly reduce your up-front costs in system hardware (including servers and data storage requirements), software (including up-front application licenses, server operating systems, security and firewall systems, and other system-critical software licenses), and customization (our solution is easy to set up and customize to your business needs).

Reducing opex: through our system, you can save on your in-house IT costs, while also receiving top level and fast-response support from our IT support team. Most software upgrades are done seamlessly, with little to no system down time experienced by end users.

Flexibility: due to the nature of cloud computing, you can securely store patient data (such as medical records, x-ray or other images, and other documentation) in digital format, which can also be made available on mobile devices for authorized staff and specially-designated IDs for health professionals wherever they need access to patient records.

IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

We at REND Tech put our clients first, offering multifaceted and comprehensive solutions at a level of quality that no other IT healthcare consulting companies can match. As the field moves forward into an era of complex data storage and management, only one healthcare IT company offers complete and control of every angle, right at your fingertips.

Our easy-to-learn interface puts every area of your organisation within easy reach, giving you a fast and permanent database to manage. With our system, you can easily control who has access to your data, and also use multiple devices to navigate the system. Our quick and versatile network lets you analyse your data with powerful precision, leading the way among healthcare IT service providers in helping your organisation improve its effectiveness and efficiency.

Because REND Tech is designed specifically for healthcare, its internal applications are set up with all the right features in mind. Whether establishing a new website or a new clinic, beginning, relocating or upgrading a project, or working through a specially-crafted selection of clinical applications on our cloud system, every organisation can benefit from the purpose-built servers, platforms and programming expertise available through REND Tech Associates healthcare IT company.

Our cloud system is supported by high-grade security and technical expertise, and allows for timely upgrades to ensure that our clients always benefit from the most powerful technology available. A wide array of options are available depending on your organisation’s size and needs, allowing you the option to subscribe to only the features you need. Your customised and optimised experience is available only at REND Tech, Australia’s finest healthcare IT service provider.



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