Cyber Security On Demand

Cyber Medic is a collection of products, tools & services to offer healthcare organisations the peace of mind knowing they are protected and monitored.


How Does IT Work?

Cyber Medic is an entire ecosystem of products, solutions and security specialists who will work around the clock to protect your critical data from hackers and cyber criminals. With Cyber Medic, it’s not a one size fits all model but rather a custom solution tailor made of clinics of different sizes and requirements.


Why Does IT Work?

Now more than ever we are hearing about cyber crime in healthcare. Yes cyber security is a complex field and as such, Cyber Medic takes the complexities out of it. You only pay for the level of security you need knowing that when things go wrong, you are protected. Think of it as having personal body guards on demand.


When Do You Need It?

Right now! If you are a small clinic with only a few computers or a large enterprise with an internal IT team, outsourcing Cyber Security is a cost effective and highly efficient model.


What You Get With
Cyber Medic

  • Consulting services with our digital health & cyber security engineers to understand how you work and what you wish to achieve
  • Onsite & remote audits of your organisation or clinic highlighting key risks and areas of concern
  • On demand cyber security products including intelligent threat detection using AI, antivirus products, fire wall appliances, threat monitoring tools
  • On demand professional services to mitigate risks and address cyber security alerts


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Sometimes it only takes a simple audit to identify what makes your clinic open to the internet.
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Firewall Appliance on Demand

Choose from a range of enterprise firewalls that suit you security needs without any upfront payments. Both the hardware and engineering services behind it are billed monthly.


Cyber Security Audits

This is where it all starts. A comprehensive process of auditing your current technology that includes the creation of 21+ reports, hardware checks, workflow review and security policy reviews.


Training & Triage

Technology is only part of the solution. Training your staff on cyber security and creating triage processes in case of an emergency are also offered.


Security Compliance

To meet the notifiable data breach (NDB) scheme expectations, Cyber Medic offers compliance and shows that you have implemented all the right tools to protect your patient data.


Enterprise Security Software

The real deal. Artificial intelligence security software scanning and monitoring your network over 8 billion times a week. For those who are paranoid.


In-House Experts

This is where it all starts. A none technical chat over a coffee with one of our experts to find out more about your business, your concerns, your expectations and your vision. This is when we begin implementing Cyber Medic.

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Secure Hosting Solution

“Our business needed a quick, affordable and secure solution that wouldn’t involve the high overhead figures and time involved in setting up a secure in-house server and network. I was so excited to find out that this was exactly what REND could offer us.

Whist taking this step seemed overwhelming at first, it has been relatively simple and is one of the best decisions we’ve made. Since we’ve implemented the cloud, Rob and his support team have been extremely helpful in ensuring that we have all the assistance we need, going above and beyond what I had expected. It’s like we now have a full-time IT staff member on call but for a fraction of the cost”

L Kress - Business Manager

World Class Clinic

“We wanted to implement a technology platform which would support our large and demanding medical centre whilst at the same time, ensure that all of our subtenants had the opportunity to use the same infrastructure if needed.

REND Tech Associates were able to work with our executive & operational team to design & implement a technology ecosystem which would be able to support our business goals and clinical requirements in the short and long term.

We knew our deadlines were difficult to meet and the budget allocated was challenging. I am pleased to say that the project was delivered both on time and within budget.

I would highly recommend all healthcare enterprises who are looking to expand and standardise their technology platforms to get in touch with REND Tech Associates”

C Adams - CEO

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