Digital Health

Digital Health is the convergence between technology & healthcare outcomes. Compliance is the assurance of reliability, integration & security.


Comply With Data Privacy Laws

Cyber security & data privacy protection is in our DNA. At REND, our digital health consultants assist the healthcare community by auditing their existing digital health ecosystems and implementing compliance strategies to meet both the legal and industry expectations.


Become Efficient, Integrated & Collaborative

With a solid digital health compliance strategy that focuses on integration, efficiency and workflow optimisation, your organisation can expect to cut administration processes, user errors and improve both the patient and clinician experience.


Deliver Patient-Centric Care

Being digital health compliant facilitates the pathway for healthcare organisations to involve the patient at the centre of their care by using technology & innovation. Patient engagement apps bridge the patient, their clinician and their journey of care.

Digital Health Compliance

Putting Healthcare
On The Digital Path

  • Retain & engage clinical staff by allowing them to access clinical resources easily & securely
  • Make your patient the main point in achieving their best healthcare outcomes by involving them in their healthcare workflows
  • Decrease clinician fatigue by reducing admin, long painful workflows and implement technologies to make your clinician’s life easier
  • Implement data governance and security standards to meet both legal and industry requirements

Emerging themes on the future of digital health

New innovations in digital health require a set framework of data compliance, information governance and cyber security standards.

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Reliability First

Digital health is an ecosystem of different clinical products and workflows. The big challenge is getting them to work seamlessly.


Then The Security

Now we have designed your digital health system. Let’s make it secure so that your critical data is protected.


Now The Compliance

Now it’s time to ensure your system is compliant with the industry and legal requirements. This includes documentation, training, legal requirements and so on.


Time To Innovate

Our favourite part, helping your healthcare enterprise become an innovative player in the market. Whether it’s testing new products or implementing ground breaking processes.


Show Business Progress

Delivering better patient service, reducing clinician fatigue, generating better business numbers and being a driver in the market. Let’s see you fly.


For The Researchers & Innovators

If you have a proof of concept you wish to implement or a vision you need technical assistance with then we would love to speak to you. We have a proven track record of deploying innovative solutions.

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Multisite Specialist Clinic

“Our company is very pleased with the way REND Tech conducts themselves in a dedicated and professional manner.  They were brought on board just prior to construction of new hospital and a major IT overhaul.  This was a huge project and we had constant support throughout, allowing us to reach the standard we had envisioned.  Their support staff continue to impress, with an efficient and expedient response to any issues that arise.   We have no hesitation in recommending REND Tech to any business requiring superior IT service.”

A Smith - CEO

World Class Clinic

“We wanted to implement a technology platform which would support our large and demanding medical centre whilst at the same time, ensure that all of our subtenants had the opportunity to use the same infrastructure if needed.

REND Tech Associates were able to work with our executive & operational team to design & implement a technology ecosystem which would be able to support our business goals and clinical requirements in the short and long term.

We knew our deadlines were difficult to meet and the budget allocated was challenging. I am pleased to say that the project was delivered both on time and within budget.

I would highly recommend all healthcare enterprises who are looking to expand and standardise their technology platforms to get in touch with REND Tech Associates”

C Adams - CEO

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