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Should your dental clinic
be more efficient with the right tech?

The dental space has become the most competitive vertical within the healthcare sector. As more dental clinics open, being efficient, up to date, relatable and modern is key to giving your business (yes business), the edge. Technology is no different and with the right dental technology setup, your business becomes more efficient, streamlined and able to do more with much less.

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When Things Just Work

You would think it’s a given right? If things aren’t working as you would expect, then just get in touch. We’d love to speak to you.


Be A Dentist

Don’t play with the server, don’t setup your firewall, don’t do the updates and don’t waste your time on IT. Do what you love and leave the rest to us.


Befriend Technology

Technology is your friend. Not evil!! Sometimes we just need to help you understand your tech and better utilise it. Thats all.


Starting From Scratch?

We love working with entrepreneurs. Let’s get you up and running in no time and within budget. All your IT and digital health needs in one place.


Relax, You're Secure

Our security standards at REND are quite high and simple. Do what is possible to secure our client’s network and their critical data. No shortcuts.


Control Your Costs

No hidden costs, weird out of scope items, stupid variances. You will always know what you are paying for before you agree on anything.

Dental Clinic Setup

We work with new businesses by identifying their needs & vision then implementing a scalable IT solution to turn the vision to reality.

Dental Clinic IT Services

IT support, hosting solutions, cyber security, printing and so on. We are a one stop technology shop for dental clinics.

Cyber Security

No one wants their patient data to end up on google so we go above and beyond to ensure your business is secure & protected.

Dental Hardware Integration

Our engineers work with the different vendors to ensure seamless integration between IT, dental equipment & most importantly, the dentist.

Internet Services

No one likes terrible internet. We work with different ISP providers to deploy reliable & redundant internet services.

Corporate Dental IT

This needs a little more than a paragraph. Talk to us about governance, standardisation & scale.

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Dr Vicky Lane


Dealing with Rob and REND Tech has been a pleasure.

We recently purchased an old fashioned, paper based, Dental practice which needed a lot of modernising including a complete computer system install. Refurbishing an old dental practice is no easy task and can be extremely stressful at times, however, Rob and his team really did take the stress out of our hands. Not only did they go far above and beyond what was expected of them during the install (including working long hours on the weekend to fit our narrow time schedule) but have also been very accommodating and helpful in regards to their post install support.

If you’re looking for a one stop, complete solution, for your IT needs, then I can (and do) fully recommend Rob and his team at REND Tech. We’ve been extremely satisfied and am sure that you will be too.

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