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If you are a private practice consultant, healthcare banker, builder or accountant who cares about their clients and wants a reliable technology partner to look after their needs then speak to us. We would love to hear from you.

Our Partners

Satisfied Clients

We take ownership of the work required knowing that our partner’s reputation depends on the quality of our work. As such, we expect nothing but perfect service delivery.


Collaborative Success

We spend time with our partners to better understand how they operate, what they expect from us and what their clients expect from them. This ensures professional service delivery.


Transparency Is Key

We are transparent about our work and follow the under promise over deliver concept. We want to impress you and your clients. You’ll always get a transparent outcome with REND.


Your Technology Partner

Our partners rely on us to assist them in tender submissions as well as pitching for an opportunity. We know your success translates to our success.


We Can Compete

Pricing & IT costs are a critical aspect in the client’s decision making process and as such, we provide our partners with exclusive pricing for their clients.


Holistic Approach

Technology is not “a thing” but an evolving field of solutions, risks and opportunities. Even if we don’t offer a service, speak to us as we most likely have done it in the past.

The Entrepreneur

We help entrepreneurs by guiding them on the best technology strategies to launch a product or business.

The Business Consultant

We work with business consultants to design, setup and support new clinics technologies for their clients.

The Accountant

Our accounting partners use our dashboards & BI platforms to deliver better service to their clients.

The Builders

Reviewing the plans and consulting on the IT requirements ensures our builders handover the project without a hiccup.

The Software Vendor

For the software vendors that need a partner to help install, integrate and rollout their solution to the healthcare market.

The Banker

We help bankers review the IT strategies of their clients & ensure it’s sound before they authorise that million dollar loan.

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Mr Sebastian Roi


We work with REND Tech and refer our healthcare clients to them when they need a reliable technology partner to support their IT needs. I am pleased to say that our clients always come back to us with only positive things to say about the engineers at REND in terms of service and professionalism.

I have no hesitations to recommend our clients and partners to use REND Tech as I know they will deliver on their promises.

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