How the Cloud Benefits your Healthcare Workforce

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Most Australians are familiar with the benefits of the cloud and whether you realise it or not, the majority of us are already using cloud services of some description, be it Gmail, Dropbox or Office 365. While healthcare is an industry that is commonly known for resisting change, entrepreneurial products and services, first adopters and government legislation for healthcare information …

Prepare Your Healthcare Enterprise For The Cyber Threats Of 2017

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Why 2017 Will Be A Clinical Data Breach Record Year? CRYPTOLOCKER, THOR, CRYPTOK and all other weird names that are usually followed by a “ Oh no, how did this happen?”.  If you know what the terms above means, then most likely you know of someone who has been in contact with ransom ware and hack attacks.  2016 had the …

Medical Software On The Cloud

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Benefits Of Wearable Technology In The Health Sector

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When most of us consider wearables, we include devices such as Bluetooth headsets. However, in the medical industry, we expect more from our wearables and only include devices that not only provide a specific function but will also store sensor data for later retrieval by healthcare professionals. This data is then analysed to aid medical diagnosis. In a growing telehealth …

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BYOD In Healthcare

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BYOD or Bring Your Own Device is a common practice within the workplace. BYOD essentially means that the staff member (clinician in this case) is using their personal device to perform work-related tasks on business premises. For those who want to implement BYOD in healthcare, it is critical that they look into the legal, technical and business aspects of such a policy. What is …

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Avoid Clinical Data Loss

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Have you checked your clinical data backups in the last four weeks? Do you have a signed document from your IT vendor agreeing to your patient confidentiality policy? Finally, as a business owner or manager, do you know what security policies and technologies are in place to protect your patients’ data? If you’ve answered no to any of those questions, then you’re not …

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Top tips to choose the right IT vendor

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Contracting an IT vendor to help maintain your business IT environments can be one of the best business decisions you could ever make. Not only does it allow you to utilise the expertise and resources of professionals, it also considerably reduces the costs of employment, insurance, training etc… IT vendors generally provide services such as IT support/Managed Services where they take responsibility for your …

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Getting Into The Cloud

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I work for a company that delivers cloud solutions to health businesses so as you can imagine, my answer towards cloud computing tends to be a biased one and nearly 10 out of 10 times you will hear me rave about this technology and how it needs more respect and attention outside the circle of IT professionals. I thought it ...