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As one of the most popular practice management solutions in Australia, regardless of clinical practice size, MedicalDirector PracSoft is well known in the healthcare industry and often selected to increase efficiency and spend more time with patients rather than on administration tasks.

It is now possible to increase efficiency even more, by combining all the features of MedicalDirector with convenient cloud access, thanks to our proprietary Cloud for Health platform. Hundreds of Australian health professionals have already reduced their costs, process issues and reliance on outdated technologies by harnessing the latest in cloud solutions that are aimed specifically at the healthcare market.

Why not future-proof your business today and experience the power of the cloud?

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Why Medical Director on the cloud?

MedicalDirector PracSoft on our Cloud for Health platform eliminates any requirement to purchase, set up and maintain your own servers. The benefits of MedicalDirector on the cloud include increased reliability; convenient remote access from any internet-enabled device, reduce costs and, most importantly, a better user experience.

Health professionals who access Medical Director PracSoft on the cloud enjoy a reliable, secure and user-friendly experience. There is no requirement to add software on your computer, you can simply access your patient data from any internet browser, as all that is needed is an active broadband connection.

How does it work?

Many cloud service providers do not have full control of their data centres as they lease virtual environments from larger companies and never have full administrative control of the servers. REND Tech Associates owns our own servers, all located in Australia and fully compliant with Australian law and data storage requirements for the healthcare industry.

Our IT environment consists of multiple servers, several software platforms and complex security policies that enable health businesses to use their clinical applications on the cloud. We call this entire IT configuration Cloud for Health.

Our clients immediately notice an improvement in the user experience, as cutting-edge technology improves speed and reliability, with remote access from anywhere and from any device. All you need is an internet bright browser and a broadband or mobile data connection.

What About The User Experience?

Cloud for Health users enjoy the benefits of cutting-edge technology, with high-speed connection and redundancy features that allow constant service. MedicalDirector Pracsoft integrates perfectly into this platform and even remote access using a smartphone allows health professionals to easily access their patient and clinical data.

What are the costs?

As a cloud service model is based on a subscription, it is entirely scalable as your subscription costs are a fraction of what it would take to manage a complex IT environment unsafe and then remotely access data over VPN. The ‘pay as you use’ is a real cost saver and eliminates worries about software licensing and hardware upgrades, for example, as all of these are managed by the cloud service provider. Start-up clinics do not even require a server with the cloud model or existing clinics with outdated equipment can migrate entirely to the cloud and repurpose their servers as backup solutions, for example.

What about backups & Security?

This is one of the main reasons that health companies are moving to the Cloud for Health as redundancy features for backups and multifactor authentication to verify users are easy to implement, requiring little in the way of IT expertise. Essential data is backed up on a daily basis and is currently stored for an entire month before being automatically deleted. We take security seriously and our platform includes enterprise grade routers, authentication policies, firewalls and more.

What’s Next?

Medical Director On Cloud For Health FAQ

Cloud for Health is our proprietary cloud computing platform for health allows practices and clinics to better utilise their IT investment and reduce costs while having access to a much better IT environment that is fast and reliable. It simply does not make sense to invest in local servers when you consider the ongoing costs of support staff, ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

The use of our data centres also means that you are future-proofing your business , as we only use the latest technology and routinely upgrade as new technology becomes available .you also remove the risks and associated costs of local servers, as maintaining the entire service becomes our responsibility.

Simply put, in our data centres. All are located in Australia and are top-tier data centres, fully compliant with local, international and industry regulations. Our redundancy features and disaster recovery plans ensure that your data is always available and if corrupted can always be easily restored from our latest backup.

Of course, to perform rigorous testing to ensure full integration with our Cloud for Health platform and we work with software manufacturers to solve any bugs we find during this testing phase. In addition, we ask selected medical professionals to put it through its paces before launching as a general service.

Therefore, MedicalDirector is guaranteed to work on Cloud for Health, as we specialise in providing value-added services to the healthcare community. Rather than using an on-site server to run your practice, you should consider that an entire data centre is much more powerful and Cloud for Health also works with Genie.

Given the importance of medical records and clinical data, we can confirm that backups our number one priority for clients. A full backup takes place every night and each backup is retained for 7 or 30 days per your requirement.

Using any internet-enabled device, open a web browser, visit our secure portal and log in. You can then run any of your applications and easily view or modify patient and clinical data. You will also have access to MS Office, emails, notes and other applications.

Given our industry, security is high priority and each of our data centres is protected with the latest Cisco firewalls and a risk management and security strategy that is regularly audited by third parties to maintain industry certification. In other words, all of your data is protected with the latest in hardware and software security. In addition, all of our data centres are based in Australia and adhere to national privacy principles.

Cloud for Health does not need an on-site server environment, merely workstations or devices with an internet connection and an internet browser. In addition, bandwidth limitations are often a problem for on-site networks, especially when it comes to broadband speed or network speed reduction when multiple users try to access the same application simultaneously. This does not happen with Cloud for Health as the speed you need is always available, given that all resources are virtually unlimited.

When you compare the costs between an on-site IT network and a Cloud for Health solution, there is a vast difference, as using the cloud eliminates any requirements for on-site IT support, administration, maintenance and upgrades. You also do not have to pay a salary for a dedicated IT professional. Not to mention, the cost of the server as an initial investment. Compare these costs against a monthly subscription per user and the difference is apparent.

Scalability is another consideration and as your business grows, you will need more computing power. This is achieved in a matter of minutes on the cloud and without worrying about purchasing hardware and software licensing to make it happen.

Cloud for Health is entirely managed and maintained by REND Tech Associates and its infrastructure partners. We employ experts in their field, whether architects, solution designers or after-hours support staff to ensure your health business receives the service necessary to enhance patient care.

All staff and enterprise contractors are based in Australia and have specific expertise in working with clinical environments.