​REND Tech webinars​ are​ designed to support ​operations managers in their role; ​the overarching aim is to open-up possibilities to improve efficiencies by using modern technologies in different workflows implemented to run practices.

To put a context around the topics, a walk-through of real world implementation in the practices that we support followed by questions and answers will also be taken up. These webinars usually run for 15-20 minutes followed by a discussion with actionable tips and tricks.

Webinar 1 – Increase practice efficiency by using intelligent phone systems

– Should technology force workflow changes or the other way around?
– Keep business open, even during disasters
– Catering for stationary and mobile staff, in one system
– Rapid capacity expansion or reduction
– Zero Missed calls from customers
– Think backwards: Start from support
– Millennial workforce and its technology preferences
– Actual customer implementation examples

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​Webinar 2 – Protecting your firm in the digital world

– I have to care about Cybersecurity? But I am not registered with Ashley Madison!
– Organised criminal group setup example
– Type of threats
– Important role of practice managers
– Role of specialists
– Preparing for cyber vandalism
– Examples of gotchas