Enterprise e-Health

Enterprise e-Health solutions focus on delivering large scale data access, clinical workflows and ultimately high impact low overhead clinical outcomes.

Enterprise e-Health solutions are used by large healthcare organisations, government health sectors as well as large research institutes.

Some enterprise e-Health solutions include:

  • Telemedicine Solutions
  • Centralised clinical platforms
  • Healthcare BI-BW & trend analysis

The solutions above can be supported by a number of technology products such as:

  • Complex switching and network equipment
  • Micro/Large data centres
  • Complex Business Intelligence platforms

Enterprise e-Health Examples

Huawei Multi-Channel HD Telemedicine Solution

huawei_0Telemedicine has generated high expectations for decades. After a long evolution, it is now experiencing smooth, favorable development. However, telemedicine systems still face challenges:

  • Low video codec performance that negatively effects remote diagnostics
  • Complicated medical image device interfaces that cannot connect to teleconsultation devices
  • Isolation of the consultation platform from the videoconferencing system makes unified scheduling and management impossible
  • Absence of videoconferencing endpoints or network connections slow telemedicine service development

Click here to download the Huawei Telepresence Telemedicine Brochure
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Huawei e-Hospital

huawei_0Information communications and technology is changing the way hospitals use computers and networks. Hospitals are using new technologies and merging formerly separate networks to help physicians and medical services reach more people, more conveniently, more efficiently.

In today’s complex medical environment, hospitals need a modern infrastructure with higher bandwidth and simpler network Operation and Maintenance (O&M). Optimizing networks using new technologies such as Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and Huawei’s Agile Controller is paramount:

  • Diverse user groups need hybrid wired/wireless access, intranet and extranet services, local and remote hospital services, and focused medical services
  • Networks running 24/7 need virtualization, SDN, and wireless technologies for in-hospital or remote medical services
  • Security must improve through the use of borderless networks

Click here to download the Huawei Smart Hospital Brochure
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