Complete IT

Now more than ever, health businesses rely on technology in order to operate and deliver efficient health services. When it comes to IT support and technology assistance, only fast and reliable options keep your systems secure, available and performing to their optimum level.

  • Reduce IT issues, downtime and staff frustration
  • Make your IT investments last longer and reduce maintenance costs
  • 24×7 monitoring for backups, security and server performance

Why Complete IT

  • Pass all of the IT responsibility to a dedicated team of engineers
  • Reduce technology frustrations and downtime in your clinic
  • Reduce your costs by removing the need to have an in-house IT team
  • Complete IT means we cover everything. Full coverage in service level agreements
  • Work with a reliable, honest and professional engineering firm rather than the “IT Guy”

How Does It Work?

What to expect?

  • You don’t need to worry about IT challenges
  • You and your business can now focus on core workflows and growth
  • Ensure that your clinical and business data is safe, secure and always available
  • Reduce IT costs, reduce downtime, reduce headaches and reduce staff frustrations

What’s Included With Complete IT?

Network IT Support

The network in your clinic plays a similar role to the bones in your body. It helps support the different aspects of the environment and allows them to work together. By supporting the network, we ensure that you can always access your clinical application with ease, speed and efficiency.

Server & PC IT Support

Your server, computers, router, monitors and even your keyboard all play a very important part of your technology ecosystem and as such, they are also part of the Complete IT Support SLA. If there comes a time where the hardware fails, send it to us and we will have it repaired or replaced for you.

Backup, Security & Disaster Recovery

As part of the Complete IT Support solution, all of our clients enjoy a reliable technology platform as well as an implemented and documented backup and disaster recovery strategy. This means that we implement a platform to ensure that there will never be any data loss, disastrous outages or any other risks associated with the technology. We’ll implement it, support it and maintain it for you.

Clinical Software Updates

Whether it’s Medical Director, Bluechip, Best Practice, Medical Director or Genie, we can maintain it, update it and ensure that you and your doctors can access it without difficulty. Any software application that is on your network to fulfil a business task is required to fulfil a a business task is automatically supported and maintained. You never have to worry about what’s in or out of scope from now on.

No More Frustrations With Computers

Complete IT is not just a name but it also is an ideology of technology maintenance. With Complete IT, we audit the computers, fix any issues and ensure they are operating perfectly. We then maintain them and keep them to that perfect standard every day. This is how we ensure that they won’t frustrate you in the future.

Never Wait For Help Again

One of the biggest frustrations we hear when speaking to potential new clients is the annoying issue of not being able to reach help when needed. If health professionals are not able to work due to IT downtime then this leads to loss of income, annoyed patients and delayed consultations. With Complete IT, we provide access to our Australian engineering desk with high level SLAs. This guarantees efficient and prompt support at all times.

All After Hours Maintenance & Upgrades

The last thing you would want is for someone to ask you not to use your computers or access patient data so they can reboot the server, update your clinical applications or even run some core maintenance tasks. We know that your business can’t sit still and as such we implement all of our maintenance tasks, updates, health checks, backup checks and platform patching after hours. You will never see us doing it and you will never have an outdated computer again.

Industry Compliance

All solutions, services and processes that fall under Complete IT Support are in line with industry IT Accreditation requirements (such as the RACGP). Some examples include the need to have passwords on all computers, locked screen savers, onsite/offsite backup strategies and most importantly a document disaster recovery process plan as well as documented IT lifecycle pages.

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