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If you are the owner of a larger or specialist practice or even a private day surgery hospital, you will have heard of MedicalDirector Blue Chip or even be using it in your day-to-day operations, given that it works seamlessly with most practice types and business models. However, have you considered the benefits of accessing all the features of Blue Chip on the cloud?

Thanks to our proprietary Cloud for Health platform, it is now possible to easily integrate Blue Chip to the cloud, increase efficiency and reduce overall IT costs, whether those costs involve maintenance and updates of on-site infrastructure, salaries for IT staff or potential liabilities associated with older technologies.

By using our platform, you can effectively future-proof your business and enjoy all the benefits normally associated with cloud usage.

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Why Blue Chip on the cloud?

On-site IT infrastructure is expensive to set up, maintain and update but if the cloud is utilised all of these requirements become the responsibility of the cloud service provider. You can of course maintain your existing infrastructure but simply add cloud features to increase efficiency.

Users of Blue Chip on Cloud for Health enjoy increased speed on demand, a low cost subscription model and convenient access from any internet-ready device. Security enhancements and disaster recovery plans also means that your practice will never lose its clinical or patient data.

How does it work?

As a cloud service provider for the health industry, we do not outsource any aspect of our IT infrastructure and we own our own data centres to host our proprietary health platform Cloud for Health . Using this platform, our clients can conveniently access all of their clinical applications.

End-users need only open any internet browser to login to our secure portal. Once logged in, Blue Chip is immediately launched. It is possible to access Blue Chip software on the cloud because of our proprietary Cloud for Health configuration, which can be customised to suit your clinic requirements. You will never lose your data due to our compliance with industry standards that require regular backups and disaster recovery policies.

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What About The User Experience?

Our Cloud for Health users take full advantage of the speed and reliability possible from our proprietary cloud computing platform. The user experience on Blue Chip is unaffected and all features are readily available in a secure, reliable and speedy manner.

What are the costs?

Cloud computing services are simply cheaper than it is to set up the same solutions on an on-site network. When eliminating server costs, maintenance, upgrades, paid IT support and other expenses, a small monthly subscription per user is a welcome alternative.

With Cloud for Health all that is needed is an affordable monthly subscription, which includes backup and IT support. Give us a call today to discuss how our cloud computing service can benefit your practice.

What about Backups & Security?

Backups and security our first priority as we are well aware of the importance of patient and clinical data and the fact that health practices are often a target for hackers seeking patient information for identity theft or other purposes. Our clients that use Cloud for Health to host Blue Chip enjoy peace of mind as we use the latest in hardware and software security to prevent attacks and perform daily backups of all data. Each backup is retained for no less than 30 days before deletion.

In addition, we are fully compliant with regulations necessary to store and manage healthcare information.

What’s Next?

Bluechip On Cloud For Health FAQ

Cloud for Health is our cloud computing platform, fully designed with the aim of improving efficiency in clinics and practices all over Australia. It was developed to work with many of the most popular practice management and clinical applications used in Australia and we are always adding more. Leveraging the advantages of the cloud allows healthcare professionals to work on the move, collaborate with colleagues and most importantly, reduce costs.

When using the cloud, local bandwidth limitations are no longer an issue and you can even perform work tasks from your smartphone if necessary since all you need is an internet browser and broadband connection. Our clients also enjoy access to the latest advancements in technology, as we implement them as soon as they are available.

In one of our top-tier data centres, all of which are located in Australia and fully compliant with national privacy laws. In addition, we are fully certified in the national, international and healthcare standards necessary for storing sensitive medical information.
We only promote products that have been through extensive testing on our platform and Blue Chip is one of many clinical software solutions that works perfectly on Cloud for Health because we have designed our platform specifically for clinical applications. For example, when hosting Genie on Cloud for Health, it is noticeably faster than traditional networks with an on-site server. As we incorporate several redundancy features, you will never experience downtime or data loss.
Backups are included in the subscription cost and take place on a daily basis, generally at night, with each backup automatically archived for up to a month depending on your requirements.
You do not need to be an IT expert or require specific training to access your clinical applications on the cloud. Once everything is set up, all you need is an internet browser and the corresponding internet connection, whether broadband or mobile data. Simply login, provide your credentials and access your data.
Enterprise grade Cisco firewalls and an N+1 risk management strategy are just some of the precautions we have in place. Basically, all of your data is secured by the latest and greatest available in the hardware and software markets. None of our data centres are located outside Australia and we are fully compliant with national privacy laws and regulations governing storage of patient and clinical data.
There is no doubt that local IT has its problems, especially when medical professionals are not experienced in the area and prefer to stick to their core activities, namely patient care. Downtime caused by IT upgrades, maintenance and even restoring backups can bring a practice to a halt. There is a better alternative. Simply eliminate all local IT concerns by accessing your clinical applications in the cloud. By doing so, you can concentrate on your business and never have to worry about paying IT personnel, expensive hardware such as servers, software upgrades, security updates and ongoing maintenance. For a small monthly subscription per user, you receive free IT support and daily backups of all clinical data that can be restored for up to a month later.

Your business grows and you need to add staff or require additional features. In a local IT situation, you may have to wait several weeks for the hardware and software to be delivered, you lose time during the installation and of course, it costs you a lot of money. In the cloud, the same requirements can be achieved in a matter of minutes and the only additional costs relates to the monthly subscription per user.

In short, we do. We rely on infrastructure partners to provide essential hardware but all other administration and maintenance is performed by our expert team of architects, solution designers and support staff. All of our team are based in Australia and have intimate knowledge of clinical applications and related security in the cloud.